Project Description

Quick Open & Closing Steel Weathertight Door

Marine Door
We have the 15 year experience of supplying the marine doors with good quality and modest price. Each door must pass weathertight/ watertight/ gastight/ fireproof/ soundproof test.
1.Material:steel,aluminum,stainless steel
3.Installment: Welded or Bolted.
4.Operation type: dog-clip, single lever, handwheel

Main types of marine door:
Marine Steel Single Weathertight Door
Steel Quick Acting Steel Weathertight Door
Aluminum Quick Acting Weathertight Door
Steel Watertight Door
Aluminum Watertight Door
Steel Fireproof Door
Sliding Door for Wheelhouse
Gastight Door
Steel Soundproof Gastight Door
Aluminium Cabin Hollow Door
Marine Aluminum Single-Leaf Weathertight Door
Aluminum Cabin Sliding Door
A60 Fireproof Gastight Door
A60 Steel Fireproof Watertight Door
A60 Hydraulic Sliding Weathertight Door
Hydraulic Sliding Weathertight Door
Stainless Steel Doors

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