Project Description

Freefall Lifeboat

Free fall lifeboat is developed from totally enclosed lifeboat, it suits particularly more dangerous projects life offshore oil drilling units etc. It was built according to the latest regulations of SOLAS and rules of international lifesaving appliances(LSA),revision bill of MSC.218(82),MSC.275(85) and resolutions of MSC.81(70),revision bill of MSC.226  (82),MSC.274(85).It can safely evacuate crew from vessels or offshore platforms upon the slipways. The free fall release systems are specifically designed for easy activation of the crew. More safety and reliability.

Product name : Freefall Lifeboat
Product No. : 1.1.3
Length Range: Be available from 5.2m to 9.0m
Capacity: From 20 P to 44 P
Engine: SABB(21.6KW) , BUKH(21.3KW) and Yanmar(22.1KW)
Certificate : Various types of Classification Society Certificates can be supplied such as : ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, EC, GL, LR, NK, etc.
Country of Origin : CHINA

Model Main Dimension(m) Person(P) Permitted Height(m) Engine/Power Light Weight(kg) Fully Loaded Weight(kg)
BFC-5.2M 5.20×2.50×3.10 20 16 380J-3/20.6 2613 4263
BFF-5.2M 5.20×2.50×3.10 20 16 2950 4600
BFC-6.0M 6.00×2.62×3.10 28 16 3180 5490
BFF-6.0M 6.00×2.62×3.10 28 16 3520 5830
BFC-6.8M 6.80×2.75×3.10 32 20 3535 6175
BFF-6.8M 6.80×2.75×3.10 32 20 3842 6482

※ Remark: BFC is used for cargo ship and BFF is used for tanker ship.

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