Project Description

Type U Rubber Fender

Type U Rubber Fender is typically mounted to a dock or a ship to counteract the collision force between the docks and the ships generated during mooring and berthing, thus preventing ships and docks from being damaged.

Type U Rubber Fender Advantage:
1.Type U Rubber Fender has high energy absorption performance and proper reaction force.
2. With high strength construction parts, Type U Rubber Fender has long service life.
3. It is easy to replace.

Type U Rubber Fender Specifications

Type H h B B1 C Q e f d g
U300H×1500L 300 35 540 430 150 600 60 90 32 80


Reaction Force Unit Measured data
CompressiveDeflection 50.0% Tons/M 33
CompressiveDeflection 62.5% Tons/M 40
Energy Absorption
CompressiveDeflection 50.0% Tons/M 1.6
CompressiveDeflection 62.5% Tons/M 2.9

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Type U Rubber Fender
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