Project Description

Marine Clear View Screen

Conforms to Marine Clear View Screen CB 644-1992 Standard.

Applies double layer glass structure for completely preventing rain,snow and water from the external environment into the interior space with certain air tight property and better visual field under normal condition.

Suitable for various oil tankers, chemicals tankers and high speed naval ships.

The product can remove the rain, snow and sea water from the windows with the centrifugal force generated from the high speed rotation of glass driven with the motor which is installed in the center of main frame, can keep clear vision.

Installed with electro thermal ice smelting device and is applicable for all-weather sailing.

Main technology data:
Power supply: AC 220V, AC 110V
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Wipe speed: 0.3~1.2m/sec
Consumed power of motor: ≤250W
Consumed power of heater: ≤450W
Protection grade: IP56 / IP22
Outline dimension of control box(only for reference):
Box(mm): 164×114×155
Faceplate(mm): 200×150×4

Type External diameter
Transparent glass
Scuttle opening size
(Watertight Type)
Ø417 Ø350 Ø391 11
(Gastight Type)
Ø417 Ø350 Ø391 13


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