Project Description

Jingjiang Sunrises is a professional supplier for the marine equipment in China. Various kinds rubber fenders are our common products:

I: Rubber fender
1) Cylinder Rubber Fender (c / w plugs) The Outside Diameter from 150mm-1600mm is available;
2) D type Rubber Fender;
3) W type Rubber Fender;
4) Square type Rubber Fender;
5) Arch type Rubber Fender / A type Rubber fender;
6) V type Rubber Fender;
7) Trapezoid Type Rubber Fender;

II: Rubber Packing and Corner Packing
8) Water-Tight or Oil-Tight Rubber Seal (Three Skins or Four Skins)
9) Oil-Tight Rubber Seal (Four Skins)
10) Water-Tight or Oil-Tight Hollow Rubber Gasket
11)Oil Resisting Corrosin Resisting Seal (Chloroprene, Fluorine Rubber)
12) L-Type Corner Packing (Three Skins or Four Skins)
13) 120 Angle Joint (Three Skins or Four Skins)
14) Three-Way Angle Joint (Three Skins or Four Skins)
15) 90 L-Type Solid Packing
16) 30 Folding Angle and Piece (Three Skins or Four Skins)

Various kinds rubber fender accessories / installation accessories: anchor chain, nuts, bolts, U rings etc. are also available. We are in this line over 15 years have rich experience, we are sure SUNRISES can give you good quality rubber fender with very competitive price.

* Please contact us for final confirmation on above data before you place order.

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